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Lenni’s 30+ years of experience is impressive in itself, yet the reason he remains successful today is his versatile talent and commitment to quality. Airbrushing, pinstriping, and lettering are some of his achievements, yet Lenni has nutured his talents in all  areas, today making him a true master of paint graphics.

Influenced in the early years by artist Ed Roth, father of Rat Fink, Lenni has shaped his own style and reputation giving him the opportunity to work on projects with names of today such as Donnie Smith, House of Kolor and Chip Foose.

Easyrider, V-Twin, Hot Bike, and Auto Graphics, just to name a few magazines, have showcased his art. His title in speed striping held for many years, brought about featured articles as well. Giving spectators an eyeful, themed motorcycles such as Budweiser, Michelob, Grain Belt, Easyrider Saloon, Guide Dogs of America, Camel Roadhouse, and Dennis Kirk, have taken his work on the road as well as center stage.

Be on the lookout when you’re out-n-about and see a motorcycle, car, truck, boat, airplane, race car or sign, it just may be the creativity of Lenni that has caught your eye!